Friday, October 31, 2014

Review of my Studio policies

An unfortunate incident occurred yesterday, where a student canceled at the last minute.  Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but since this student had a special arrangement where they pay each time they come to a lesson, the backlash was significant.  Because of the scheduled time of their lesson, my wife had to leave one of the busiest days at work to come home and take care of our son.  Halloween is a very busy time at UMass, and she forfeited her normal time plus overtime pay to be here for me, and my student.  So not only did we lose my wife's income for that time period, but we lost the income from the student.

Because of this incident, I feel I must reiterate my Studio policies:

Private Lessons are one hour (60 minutes) a week (unless otherwise indicated), 50 weeks a year.  Students are required to pay every 4 weeks.  Classes are taught in 25 week "semesters", leaving the last week of each semester open for makeups.  There are two recitals a year in January and June.  The calendar looks like this:
  •     January: 1 week of makeups, 1 week vacation, Recital on the 3rd Saturday of the Month
  •     Feb, Mar, Apr, May
  •     June: Recital on the 3rd Saturday of the Month, 1 week of makeups
  •     July: 1 week of vacation (usually the 2nd week of July)
  •     Special arrangements may be made on an individual basis with your teacher
There are no makeups if a student misses a class for whatever reason, the student must pay for an additional makeup as they would for an extra class.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  If I miss a class due to illness or other emergency, the makeups will be completed during the last week of each semester at no additional charge to the student.  If a student can't make a scheduled class due to inclement weather, classes may be attended by Skype or Google Hangouts.

The cost of Private Lessons depends on the age and student status.  Discounts are available for Senior Citizens (65 and older) and College Students with a valid (current) student ID. 

Private Instruction Tuition:
  •     Regular Private (60 minute) Lessons: $240 every four weeks
  •     Regular Private (30 minute) Lessons: $120 every four weeks
  •     Senior Citizens (65 or older): $220 every four weeks
  •     College Students (with current ID): $200 every four weeks
Group Class Tuition:
  •     90 minute Adult Group Classes: $100 every four weeks 
Tuition is due at the first scheduled class of each month, or 25 week semester.  If not received within the first two classes of the month, a $10 late fee will be added to your account.  There are no bills sent out unless tuition is past due, then we will notify you by email, so please make sure we have your current email address.

    Semester I: September - January 10, Recital 3rd Saturday in January
    Semester II: February - August, Recital 3rd Saturday in June

There are no senior or student discounts available for Group Classes at this time.  If you are currently taking Private Lessons, you may be eligible for a bulk rate.  Please ask.