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We've moved! Sweet Music: Studio & Store is at a new location in Granby, MA

Come by and visit! Visiting hours are from 4-5pm Monday - Friday, and from 12-3pm Saturday Sweet Music: Studio & Store 185 West State St, Suite D Granby, MA 01033 (413) 248-7668 phone

History of the Mandolin in America

History of the Mandolin in America by Daniel Coolik November 18, 1998 What is a mandolin? A mandolin is a stringed instrument that is a cousin of the lute dating back to Italy and the 1700s. There are many different kinds of body shapes, but the one that was played in Italy is the Neapolitan mandolin. It has a deep pear shaped body, an oval sound hole, and four pairs of strings (Bronze or Steel) tuned like a violin (Mandolin). The great violin maker Antonio Stradivari even made mandolinos, which is Italian for mandolin. He had designed half a dozen different body patterns for his mandolinos (Tyler 18). In the past five years there has been an increasing interest in the mandolin. Some people might say it is a first coming of an old time instrument. Actually, this is the instrument's second coming in this century (Herndon 1). The mandolin is on the country radio stations and was featured by the popular band R.E.M in a music video on MTV (Herndon 2). In a poll taken by A