Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Professional Wedding Services

I have been providing Wedding services to the public since 1978!

Rates, Fees and Booking Information

Musician rates are generally $150 per hour per musician.  That applies to solo, duo, trio, and quartet.  Larger groups are rated by bulk.  For example, Mandolin New England's base is a 9 piece and can be as large as 30 pieces depending on the event.  In general, it's best to contact me and talk about the rates for larger groups.  Fees include travel expenses (up to $200 if we have to stay over night - which we generally do if we have to travel more than 50 miles).  PA expenses are also not included.  Generally speaking, all of my ensembles are acoustic.  A sound system can be rented and provided.  A simple amplifier and mikes is an additional $75.  A larger system with a mixing board and monitors is an additional $200.  I do not EMC or DJ weddings, but have worked closely for more than two decades with someone I trust to do this and put on a great show.

To book any of the ensembles or soloists, contact me.  Generally speaking, booking requires a 50% deposit  to Sweet Music and a signed contract.  You can mail the contract back or you can take a picture of the signature page and email it to me.

Ensembles, Bands, Soloists

I specialize in music for ceremonies, whether it be solo violin, string ensembles (duo, trio, quartet, chamber orchestra).  I specialize in classical music, celtic music and bluegrass.  I can also provide Klezmer (for Jewish services), Jazz and Folk music.

Here are some examples of some of my Celtic recordings:
  • The Kilfenora Set - a set of traditional Celtic jigs including "Lark in the Morning" and the "Kilfenora Jig".  I learned these jigs while playing at the seisun at Linanne's Pub in Kilfenora, Ireland 1996.
  • A Blast O'Reels - is a set of reels I picked up while touring with Woodkerne in the Spring of 2009
  • Sidh Beag Agus Sidh Mohr - here's one of my favorite Turloch O'Carolan melodies.  Apparently this is the first piece he composed.  The word "Sidh" is Irish for "Fairy", "Beag" and "Mohr" are referencing two mountains in Ireland, and "Agus" means "and".  So the title literally means "little fairy hill and big fairy hill".  For those of us who are interested in Irish mythology, check out this post, and this, and this one about the origins of Irish music.
Here are some examples of my Bluegrass recordings:
  • Cluck Old Hen - this is a traditional bluegrass tune that is a lot of fun to play.  That's me on the mandolin, John Rough on banjo, Joe Blumenthal on bass and Terry Atkinson on guitar.
  • Maiden's Prayer - this was Joe Val's favorite tune when I played in a fiddle music contest in 1982 or 3.  He was judging that day and asked me to come up to the booth.  He was a real gentleman.  This recording was sung by Terry Atkinson and myself.  I'm playing fiddle here, also Joe Blumenthal on Bass and John Rough on banjo.
  • Brunhild's Request - an original written by a friend of Terry Atkinson's (whose name escapes me at this moment) with Terry on guitar, myself on mandolin, Joe Blumenthal on bass and John Rough on banjo

Wedding Officiant - Massachusetts

In addition to providing music for weddings, I'm a wedding officiant for the state of Massachusetts.  I love officiating weddings, and private ceremonies.  This is something I've been doing since I was in high school.  I have "married" literally dozens of same-sex couples (before the gay marriage law was passed), as well as atheists and non-believers who wanted a ceremony without the religious connotations.  I was ordained by the ULC in October 2018 so that I could get a permit from the state, so now I can officially officiate!  I have a copy of my certificate and a letter of good standing if needed.