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I have been teaching adults and teenagers how to play music since 1986. As you can see from the picture, I offer fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bouzouki lessons. I mainly teach the styles I like to play, including bluegrass, celtic, classical, klezmer also western swing, jazz and country.

Lessons for teenagers and mature children are usually 30 minutes per week.

For adults, I recommend 60 minute lessons each week. I DO NOT recommend 30 minute lessons for adults because there is often more talking during a class, which takes up time. 30 minute adult lessons are difficult to teach and therefore are more expensive. Save yourself money and aggravation by signing up for 60 minute lessons!

I teach online using Slack, an app you can download to your pc, mac, tablet, iphone, ipad, android; or Skype. I use Google Meet for studio (private) Workshops, and YouTube LIVE for public workshops.

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Current Rates:

  • 60 minute/week adult (over 18) - $80 - this is the standard rate for most adult students who take an hour-long weekly lesson.

  • 60 minute/2 weeks - $120 - this is the charge for adults who sign up for hour-long bi-weekly lessons (every other week). It's more costly because I have to give up time with another student to fit it into the schedule

  • 30 minute child (under 18) - $39

  • 30 minute adult (over 18) - $75 - perfect for someone with a small budget.

Summer Calendar (6/15/22 - 9/3/22):

  • M - W 11am - 5pm

Beginning students will learn the basics: music theory and how to read music, how to count, meter and rhythm, keys and chords; how to hold the instrument and pick (or bow for violin players); how to practice scales, arpeggios and exercises; how to play basic melodies. At some point, usually within a few weeks, beginning students may be ready for more advanced material which will be assigned at that time.

Beginning students may want to also join the Adult Beginner's Group Class. Advanced students that can already read and understand the basics of their instrument will study more advanced theory including the modes, advanced timing and rhythm, advanced chords, harmonization, improvisation, and will be introduced to a wide variety of music depending on the genre and style they have chosen to study. For example, Classical musicians will be exposed to a variety of composers from the Renaissance Era up to the Romantic Era and everything in between. Folk musicians will be exposed to a wide variety of western European traditional dance music styles including Celtic, Quebecois and Cape Breton music as well as American styles such as Bluegrass, Country, Western Swing, Jazz, Blues, and more.

Advanced students may be eligible for either the Classical Mandolin Class (Mondays at 7pm), the Celtic Group (Thursdays 7-9pm) or the Bluegrass Group (Fridays 7-9pm). Some advanced players may want to play in all three. There is a $5 discount per class for students that wish to join more than one as long as they attend on a weekly basis. The discount does not apply for one-offs or trial periods.