Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what does it cost for lessons?

A: it depends on age, veteran status, ability to pay and so on. Please contact me to learn more

Q: Do you teach children?

A: Most of my students are adults. Mature teens can also take lessons with permission from parents.

Q: is there a discount for seniors, veterans?

A: yes. please contact me to learn more

Q: is there a discount if I prepay for a year of lessons?

A: yes. There's a discount if you prepay

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: no. I take cash or Venmo.

Q: When are you available?

A: I teach M-F 9am - 6pm EST. Ask me about open slots (you must be signed in to your Google account to open it. If you don't have a Google account, it's easy to set up and free)

Q: Do you offer in-person lessons at your location in Granby, MA or at my home or office?

A: If you are local, you may attend lessons in person with notice. All lessons regardless are available online using Slack.

Q: What books do you recommend?

A: I will go over books with you during your first lesson.

Q: Do you rent instruments? If not, where can I get a (mandolin, fiddle, banjo)

A: Yes. I rent violin outfits, mandolins. I recommend Deering banjos, I do not currently rent them.

Q: I have a question. How can I contact you?

A: Email asocontact@fastmail.com any time, text 413-239-4269 (not a phone), or Contact Me