Below is a list of some of the bands I've played with over the years, and a link to a page where you can hear some recordings.

The Lonesome Fish Quintet formed on the campus of Hampshire College and performed for parties from 1981 to 1982. With Jim Henry on guitar, Sarah Lawson on bass, Match Atkinson on tenor, Adam Sweet on fiddle and Owen Bradley on mandolin.
Maple Ridge was founded in 1988 by Terry Atkinson, Joe Blumenthal and John Rough. Adam Sweet joined the group in 1989 on fiddle and mandolin. The group recorded their first album with Signature Sounds in 1995 and disbanded in 1997.
Swift River's (1997-1998) original members were Claiborne Woodall on guitar, John Rough on banjo, Bruce on bass and Adam Sweet on mandolin. The band recorded one short album with Blue Wolf Studio before disbanding the summer of 1998.  After releasing it at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA.
Woodkerne was a quartet of Celtic musicians formed in the summer of 1997.  The group had several different lineups as musicians came and went, but the core members were Adam Sweet on fiddle and John Rough on banjo.  Other musicians included Dan Richardson on concertina and bodhran, Paul Burton on guitar, Andrew Wiener on bodhran and Jim Bunting on guitar and bouzouki.  The ensemble disbanded in 2009.
Celticado was a duo that performed primarily as a wedding band.  The two members included Jim Bunting on guitar/bouzouki, and Adam Sweet on fiddle/mandolin.  They were joined on occasion by Claudine Langille on banjo/mandolin.  The duo performed together from 2004 - 2018.