David R.

Adam is an incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and patient instructor who has completely redefined the way I approach the mandolin. I highly recommend him as an instructor. He manages to walk a line where I feel like I’m in control of the pace and contents of the lessons, but at the same time he is always ready with recommendations or suggestions to guide me. And I don’t feel like his suggestions are out of a book...he is really good at assessing where I’m at in my playing, how I could improve, and what I realistically have time for in any given week, and he specifically tailors the contents of the lesson to suit my particular requirements. We get into serious music in our lessons, but the atmosphere is always relaxed and I appreciate his sense of humor. And I also appreciate his holistic approach...we cover way more than I ever expected to: music theory, music history, technique, how to get the most out of my practice sessions, and what to think about when I do.

Linda N.

I started taking private violin lessons in 2015 shortly after retiring from the medical field. About two years later I was playing Celtic music with fellow musicians from the Sweet music studio until the beginning of the pandemic. I am also learning Baroque music. Adam encourages his students to practice daily to attain a clear and beautiful tone. He’s very skilled at helping you to improve problem areas as well as always being patient and very professional with years of experience and knowledge. I am very pleased to have found his studio on the Internet

April N.

I’ve been taking lessons from Adam for several years. I started playing fiddle as an adult, and he was patient with my learning and lack of time to practice sufficiently. He has a great breadth of knowledge about different styles of music. We have played Celtic, Scottish, québécois, old time, bluegrass, and Western swing, as well as indulging in my interest to do a tour of Christmas carols. I have done lessons both in person and on zoom! He’s a great instructor!

Will M.

His deep knowledge about music, its origins and meaning. He gets his students into ensemble playing as soon as he can. That’s the fastest way to learn.

Nancy K.

Creative, interesting, knowledgeable, patient, passionate

Jeffrey B.

Mr Sweet is a genuinely passionate and creative teacher. Each tutoring session was fun and I learned a lot.

Deborah H.

I started taking lessons from Mr. Sweet while I was at UMass. Nine years later, I feel like I have progressed immensely, from celtic and bluegrass styles to classical. I am studying Bach and loving every note.