I book gigs for musicians, ensembles and bands throughout New England and New York. I work primarily with wedding musicians and DJs. Since 1998, I have been booking solo musicians, bands, ensembles, big bands and orchestras at area venues, bars, pubs and concert halls as well as directly to bridal parties and families that hire groups for weddings and other private events. If you are a solo musician, part of a band or an ensemble and you would like to work with someone with significant industry experience, contact me

I will be posting all open gigs in the "Gig Listings" group on Facebook. I set up this group to post open gigs. Open gigs are events in need of a performer. These are gigs where the client hasn't specified the genre, ensemble/band, or other important part of the booking process, but want to be listed anyway. We will do our best to post all of the relevant information. You may ask questions by using the comment section.

To get the gig, you will need a contract. If you're ready, email with the subject "contract", the gig number and your contact information in the body of the email.

Thank you!